LMP1 Mazda Lola Coupe

This car is not currently set for any races in 2012

The Car

Very few race car manufacturers can match Lola’s racing pedigree or longevity with over 50 years of competing at the highest level in worldwide motorsport. For the majority of that time, Lola has been the largest and most successful constructor of race cars, producing winning designs for virtually every category from Formula Ford and Sports 2000 to Formula 1 and Le Mans Prototypes. They have forty-one class victories in the American Le Mans Series alone.

Befitting a company with over 50 years of winning technology, the record of Lola’s LMP2 designs – including five LMP2 class wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans since 2000 – underscores Lola’s skill in creating a winning package for endurance racing. Outstanding performance, drivability, and consistency combined with superior engineering, serviceability, and quality continue to make Lola successful on race tracks around the world. Lola won both the LMP1 and LMP2 championships in the 2009 European Le Mans Series.

The current B09/86 LMP Coupe is a one-piece carbon composite monocoque and is certified to ACO and FIA structural standards through 2012. The body panels are lightweight pre-preg carbon composite construction. The suspension is double wishbone with pushrod/rocker-activated coil spring/adjustable damper units all around. The six-speed sequential gearbox is lightweight cast magnesium and is designed to allow complete changes of gear ratios in ten minutes without losing any oil.

Ongoing developments on the ORYX-Dyson Racing Lola Coupe have included refined aerodynamics with an enhanced lift/drag ratio, revised front suspension geometry and faster refueling.

The Engine

Building on their successful partnership with Mazda, Advanced Engine Research has built a race winning version of the MZR-R engine that represented the state of the art in turbocharged engine technology. The 2.0 liter, four-cylinder in-line turbocharged engine was designed from a clean sheet of paper, and is designed to make in excess of 500 HP - on a per cylinder basis, more than an F1 engine. It is all aluminum construction and is mounted as a semi-stressed member of the chassis with A-frames.

Combining very low mass with a small physical footprint, the engine is the smallest, lightest and most compact engine racing in LMP today.  There are no external belt drives or ancillaries, as the camshafts, water pump and oil pump are internally driven by gears. The engine has barrel throttles for optimum engine response with the latest Life Racing electronics for optimum engine control and high efficiency. 

Team Oryx